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Come forward with peace and love. I respectfully ask that after you have viewed these drawings and paintings that you contact the artist, with questions, comments, suggestions for future paintings or tips to improve as a painter. If you see a painting and you are moved one way or another, please share those words and emotions with me. If you are not interested in a correspondence you may write to me without giving your last name and without a return address however any snail mail received will be regarded as private and kept in confidence. If you work for another organization and want to get something specific done for free, feel free to contact me

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

paintings and descriptions III




(#9,10,11) 9 about a 5x7 acrylic #11. 10 is 9x12 on canvas paper. Both self portrait. 10 was painted first.
The concept...Is as I was going through, experiencing some emotionally trying times, so I tried to not focus on the pain and turn my face towards my God, hoping that the light of my creator will shine on me.
"For some reason"... Some reason other than I'm estranged from my kin people. Some reason other than I have no voice to speak my mind, to give rise to the injustice done within the confines of these tortured chambers & tombs, The souls of the walking dead cry out, with silent screams. I see it, the pain welled up in the eyes of adult males, stripped of the title of men, no longer functional...
For some reason other than I lie awake at night listening to my cellmate snoring so loud it seems to be coming from inside of me...Staring at the ceiling fantasizing of spending time with my son, trying to at times forget that I have failed him, his mother, and society.

Finding out that people close to me are crackheads...For some reason other than living souls all over the world suffering... #9 reflects this pain, the pain of losing my great grandmother, pissed off & heart broken, such a loving & gentle soul. As many things in this life I turn to the source to sustain me.

I really enjoy painting Native American themed pictures. Often I can look at a native picture, or hear a concept or belief and it gives life to something I've felt or spark something new, simple, basic. Nothing fancy, over standing woman was created by the divine. Woman is to be loved and appreciated. Woman is an earth, a mother of creation. Rasta must love woman, but don't fall in love. Rasta stand in love, love so much Rasta look hungry. When I began reading up on different aspects of history, I was shocked & saddened by the burden our women have had to endure. I have to acknowledge that I was not a champion for women, I was not abusive or anything, but I would pass on my way allowing wrongs to go un-checked. Hopefully my paintings will inspire a thought in young men, to cherish women. Not only the women in our family and our lives, but all women..
Love, One God, One Aim, one Destiny!

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