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Come forward with peace and love. I respectfully ask that after you have viewed these drawings and paintings that you contact the artist, with questions, comments, suggestions for future paintings or tips to improve as a painter. If you see a painting and you are moved one way or another, please share those words and emotions with me. If you are not interested in a correspondence you may write to me without giving your last name and without a return address however any snail mail received will be regarded as private and kept in confidence. If you work for another organization and want to get something specific done for free, feel free to contact me

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

paintings and descriptions IV

Bob Marley asked us to help sing songs of freedom. Singing redemption songs is not restricted to words. Sing your song however you need to sing it. When I painted this picture, I was thinking of the concept. When you keep saying something, even if you don't yet believe it, you can began to believe it. Calling it into existence. "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, only we can free our minds". We as the collective, each one, teach one. No brother or sister left behind. Black, brown, yellow, red, beige, white, and all shades in between. All strung together on this earth as a collective family. One love, one heart, lets get together and feel all right painting songs of freedom...

9x12 canvas panel acrylic painting. A tribute to loners the tigers represent nature, gentleness & power. The truth of love & lovers.

8x11 Acrylic on cardboard with several coats of sealer. A portrait of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassic 6, The most High God Head for all Ethiopians, For I and I Rastafari, who acknowledge H.I.M. as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the conquering Lion of Juddah, the root of David and seed of Solomon, and the Queen of the South.
The elect of God and the universal defender of all the downtrodden and down pressed people of the Earth. In a movement of prayer, I bring life to a struggle. Green for the land that is promised, and for the land that have been taken from the promised. Gold for the riches that has been promised, and for the riches that have been taken from the promised. Red for the blood of the promised. Red for the blood the promised that have been spilled. The shield of Jah, Red, Black, X Green, The colors of Liberation, freedom, begins when black men resist colonialism and neocolonialism. Starting with something as simple as the belief in the black God.

18x24 Acrylic (home made canvas) mounted on a board. I met this woman that had inflamed my passions, she was very sexy and fun to share with, upon comple­ting the picture, we parted ways and I threw water from a paint glass on it that happened to be glue. Expressing that sense of loss, and preserving...her.

18x24 Bristol paper. Graphite pencil & chalk pastel. H.I.M. Haile Salassic 6. I drew this soon after I got to Columbia Correctional Institution. I hung it on my wall for nearly a year and a half, a friendly face in the mist of this strange environment.

Acrylic painting on canvas panel 9x12 (I believe), I'm not sure who this is, I believe it to be Chief Joseph, no real meaning, I just like the pic­ture, (I seen in a book), so I painted it.

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