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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Paintings V

I have a fondness for Native American paintings and scenery. I have always loved that concept of being out in nature, to live off of the land. In reality I am a city boy. I have had encounters with nature and the natural world. I long for it now in this un-natural state of existence/in a place where shadows are even deceiving, I paint this picture and wonder if it is as exciting and relaxing as I imagine it to be.

Like Lions, wolves are usually a part of a tribe(pride or pack) and therefore the lone wolf is one that I can closely identify with. So I wonder how is it they exist alone ? when there is a lone wolf has he or she been bannished for some rule infraction ? Do animals have those kinds of laws and punishments? I suspect that they are strong and smart animals and will be able to adopt to hunting alone and existing alone but do they get lonely ?Do they miss the pack ? Do they petition the pack to be accepted back in ?

I was watching T.V. one day and this commercial came on and; I seen this painting on the wall in the background. I do not even remember what the commercial was for. I was focused on the painting. I just loved how the picture was able to capture what I was feeing at the time. I was this tree atop a hill and I was the only tree around, withstanding this storm. I was sad and felt isolated and that isolation was striping me of my leaves. What is a tree without leaves ?

Some time ago I met this very strange woman. What makes her so strange in this world is that she is so free/ easy going/ and open. Talking with her you get the sense that she is a very loving and compassionate woman. So thoughtful ( filled ) and deep. During a session in the circle she shared a photo of her mother, and in this photo I was able to see an emotion I know all to well and in that moment I felt as if I had bonded with the woman in the photo. Not in some delusional stalker kind of way but in away that I was able to feel the emotion depicted if you will. I felt it and therefore, since that day I have continued to pray for her, That Jah will bless, her on her journey, and that she is confident in her faith as she faces the next leg of her journey. It is in our darkest hours that we learn the most and have the ability to teach the most. from this vantage point it seems that many people run from certain types of darkness or they try to deny their existence. I have known family members that did not want to visit others that were deathly ill because they did not want to see them that way. People have opted not to see me now for that same reason and it is during these times that the most can be seen and need to be seen, from out of the darkness came the light.

This painting was in response to a specific individual that had attempted to cause some problems for I & I. I had painted a series of pictures depicting Biblical stories: Jesus walking on water, The Bredren Moses striking the rock and splitting the Red Sea, I also had done one of King Solomon in a lovers embrace with the Queen of Sheba. Because of what I know to be true these people were Black. The powers that be allowed me to place these paintings in the visiting room show case for sale. I use the money made or donated to buy more supplies. The rumor began that I was supremist/ a racist and so for forth. Why did I only paint picture of black people? I even faced some of this from other black people. Can you paint a White Jesus for my momma ? But I knew the source of this, and so my response to the powers that be was this painting of a gentleman that many consider to be the image of Jesus I added the confederate flag as a way of me to rebel, and wrapped the model in an Red white and blue flag ,but I placed a star there : reclaim it as my own.

This painting is a 16" X 20" Acrylic on Canvas Paper.
This was an emotional painting for me. It represents me as a young boy. I had to endure and face things that I wish I hadn't. But in many ways I am glad that I did, because I have grown from them. I spent a lot of time in darkness, physically,mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. In the dark I learned that I was alone, there was no pain there. The dark was a good place to be. It was safe. Not long ago I was conversing with a very dear friend (Peg). The topic was basically perception. It was this conversation that lead to this painting. I have found that I often see myself one way and other see me another . In some ways I understand the split. Because I know that I am a jealous of the safety of that little boy that still lives within dark corners of my mind(i.e. soul). I learned concepts of love through him, He is far more compassionate than I am/ He is forgiving, whereas I believe in Blood for Blood, he is slow to anger . I am pissed off at life. Recently while sitting in a circle someone said in reference to me, " I knew Ren before he was Rasta". I smiled and allowed the comment to slip past. He only knows the guardian. When I paint, I am introducing you and sharing with you Darren.

This is a portrait of Bob Marley as a practicing RasTafarian I often look to the light of beautiful souls like Marcus Garvey and Bob Marley, People who have kept the "Imperial Fire" ablazin'. People who spent their lives "Standing In Love" for the people that need someone else to stand for them. Sometimes we stand together. I painted this picture after hearing Stephen Marleys 2008 CD Mind Control, Every Saturday at there is a Reggae show hosted by FRP on 89.9 FM Radio also it streams over the web (whatever that means)WORT-Tropic Riddems is the only time I can hear I and I music. There is a song on that Disc called "Hey Baby" and "Inna Bi Red" ... The entire album really, but when I heard them I thought of Bob, because Bob did not just make sound to be making sound, Bob was sing a joyful noise unto Jah. anything that speaks to the truth of man in the sense of hue-man-I-ty (seen?) is a spiritual event, hopefully people will hear the music and see the message, do not listen for the message, look for it. Stiffed Necked Fools By: Bob Marley; Destruction of the poor is in the poverty; destruction of the soul is vanity. The richman’s wealth is in his city; the righteous wealth in his holy place."

This painting is of a women I do not know. A year or so ago I had the opportunity to get to know this bredren named "T" and after some time he wanted to share his family with me. He had a very beautiful and loving family from what I could see. There was picture of this woman in there,it was a black and white photo. I was drawn into the eyes. I have a thing for eyes, I think they are the most alluring aspect of a woman when dealing with the physical. Absolutely beautiful. I had to paint her. I asked him if he minded. I even offered to do a free picture for him for the opportunity to dance in the light of those eyes for just a while.

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