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Come forward with peace and love. I respectfully ask that after you have viewed these drawings and paintings that you contact the artist, with questions, comments, suggestions for future paintings or tips to improve as a painter. If you see a painting and you are moved one way or another, please share those words and emotions with me. If you are not interested in a correspondence you may write to me without giving your last name and without a return address however any snail mail received will be regarded as private and kept in confidence. If you work for another organization and want to get something specific done for free, feel free to contact me

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Friday, October 8, 2010

new picts

Title “She tried..5 Shots”

16”X26” completed -6-23-10

This painting is a mixture of hurt, disappointment and even anger. 5 incidents that just so happened to materialize at that time. In ignorance the emotions for all were transferred to one woman. This particular woman had been flirting with me and I with her. I explicitly stated my intentions to explore this fantasy and see what happens. She agreed. I began to absorb her and pour myself into her and then one day without warning she said “ I didn’t know that you were interested in me that way.” I did not accept that as truth in my head. My mouth said it was fine and I wished her well I took the rejection and transferred it into my work. I’d seen an image like this years ago. I’m not sure what it was for or where I seen it. I kept it in the back of my mind until this day.

My main emotion was about the well being of my son. He has been having issues with his mother and I try to be a voice of reason . When he tells me about what happened I ask him if there was another way to deal with the other situation. He says “But Dad I didn’t do anything wrong.” I understand and it hurts me that I’m here and can’t take him for a drive and park somewhere and talk him through this situation, allowing him to find a way to deal. I tell him that at times the so called Correctional Officers here will come in and they will say and do things to stir up emotions. This chaos is what they know, peace threatens to expose them..So when I have this 5’1”, 80 lb. person standing there talking stupid, the lion in me says attack and destroy. But I recognize that I am not just above this person in height and size, so I pull back that anger, flash a bright smile, throw up the peace sign and say may JAH reward you according to you actions and with the coolest strut I can muster, I Stroll off. My son gets my point, that even though he is right, when you have a person abusing their power, being right is not something they care about. So to feed into the situation will make it worse for you, stop when it can be helped, when you can give yourself a chance to think, take it, allow the destroyers to destroy themselves.

His mother has moved to Alabama, I never got to see him as it is. Now I’ll never see him. Knowing how she is and the energy she generates and responds to. I fear for my son. She liked me because at the time she knew me I was reckless, wild and ruthless, and nearly every male she’s ever dated is the same or similar. In the South where life is different in so many ways from growing up in small town Wisconsin. Issues with the administration, shot 3. Shot 4, a minor miscommunication with a friend, shot 5, someone stole from me. Someone was supposed to sell a painting, send half the money to me , half to my son. She kept it. Coming from different angles.

#000147 Acrylic 18”X24” July 2010 ACTS

A donation to the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Madison , WI.

Read Acts 10:1-10 Bible

Title: Creation of I and I ; completed -23-10. Acrylic on canvas panel 11”X14”

Someone had shown me a quote his girlfriend sent him, it was about letting go and letting Jah (God) have his way with you. There was a picture and as I looked at it I thought about the Bible and Kebra Nagast. Genesis 2:7 Jah formed Man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living Soul . The Kebra Nagast ( Glory of the Kings) Chapter 58 II 2 says in part: “He hath fashioned him with his own fingers and He hath created him in his own image; He kissed him and breathed into him Spirit of Life and he said unto him, ”My son, my first born, my beloved..” with the Spirit of life in me, I remembered that Jah is faithful even when we are not.

Jah says in II4 “ I created him out of the dust and I will not cast away that which I have fashioned. I brought him out of non-existence and I will not make my handiwork a laughing stock for his enemies.” So whatever woes I may face right now, I have to remember that he who created me will not leave me to be made a fool of. So those who laugh at me now, those who take shots at me, will feel Jah Dread for touching his locked and dreaded. Seen?

June 2010, Acrylic titled COLOR OF HUEMANITY

I’ve been asked why I quote H.I.M. or Bob Marley so often, and my answer is “where the word of a King is, there is power.” Staying true to form… H.G. M. I Haile Selassie I (the First) Said this: “He who would efface the sacred work of almighty God (Jah), he who would abuse the mysteries of Jah creation and discriminate between man and man, whom Jah created equal, on the basis of color, race or creed, calls down upon himself disaster and rain. Let no one forget that Africans differ from no other people in the world: we love those that love us, dislike those by whom we are disliked and we are jealous guardians of our freedom. “

This came about for two reasons, I have a cellmate who seems to have an issue with the white women, and throughout the day he is liable to go off into a rant about all that is wrong with white women, not woman, or any particular woman. But all White women. At first I tried to offer him words to see past this. As you may imagine he was not receptive to this at all. So not I go under the protection of my headphones when the devil in him spits fire. The other is a comment I heard where someone said to me they thought Rastas hated white people. ..Anyone who calls themselves Rasta under the banner of Rastafari must know that our father instructs against such foolishness. Love is the fabric that warms us all during these cold times. My arms are extended to embrace all. I want to introduce you to H.G M. that is greater than us all. Before him we are naked and colorless. What I dislike is ignorance, prejudice, oppression, injustice and any form of hate.

#000158 Aug 3 2010 c 11”X14” canvas panel. Entitled : CREATIONOF I EMPRESS

Genesis 2:21-22 tells us that Jah put man asleep and took a rib from him and created woman. In the Kebrast Nagast we learn in Chapter 62 that before Jah created woman he created “ the pearl “ and put it inside of man, when Jah put man asleep, created woman. Adam right away recognized himself bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. It was the pearl that he recognized. That inner light. But when you read both the Bible and the Kebra Nast something very special is revealed. In the Bible Jah says it is not good for man to be alone, He will give him help/companion; later we learn that the woman will be the vessel that produces offspring. But it is the man that passes along the peal, not the physical seed or sperm. Chapter 62 lets us know that the pearl is the soul, which means to me that when man has 10 thoughts, 5 good and 5 evil, when man and woman stand as one, they incite the child to act on the 5 good. When one or both are not there to shape or nuture the child, he’s off balance and MAY be tempted to act on the 5 evil. Over generations the pearl of any given blood line is passed on and on and one day you meet someone and you feel it is love at first sight, the soulful recognition of a stranger, is a piece o f the same pearl coming together and recognizes itself Bone of my Bone , flesh of my Flesh. To me that sounds like such a glorious thing. Woman carries the seed and a portion of the pearl and man carries and passes over his seed ad portion of his pearl.

#000139 “Golden Heart” Acrylic July 2010

My beautiful beaded sister shared words with me from her soul. This painting is those words. The way you feel when you look at it is exactly what she said. Seen?

June 2010 Acrylic titled Khaos of a rose/abstract

Peg is a lover of the abstract, and when I put this piece together I didn’t have a lot of “thought “ behind it. But Jah spoke to me through a dream about the abstract. It’s a reflection of life, when you look to nature most only see fragmented pieces of what they like, some are attracted to the solid tree, others it’s the sea (water), this animal or that critter. But its all of those things involved in every aspect of Nature, the rose has critters in it, the flesh of animals in the soil, water, all of these doing their own thing, not really concerned with the other, you’d think with all this there would be khaos, and in so many ways it is, this uncontrolled existences moves in harmony making it all Irie.

000155 July 28 “Portrait of my Granny” 16”X20X

I’d recently heard she was sick. She’ s better now and out of the hospital. She has a story she likes to tell, where she and I were traveling in the car, headed to Detroit I believe, and had fallen asleep and something happened and she had to make a quick turn and I popped up and said “Whoa , slow down Granny”and she says that just tickled her. She’s been getting sick more often lately and I just wanted to tell her one more time” whoa , slow down Granny. “


  1. i read your post about your son. did you ever look at him and think of what you took away from the mother of the man you killed? he was innocent. he was a veteran of desert storm, he was a father, a son, a boyfriend and a friend. he was loved by many. he wasn't bothering you, he was just getting home with his girlfriend and her son when you decided to murder him. i'm sorry if i sound bitter but i do not once see you say you are sorry in your writings.

  2. As someone who knew Darren before the incident that has changed your life and his I would like to say forgiveness is essential. May the memory of your loved one forever give you peace. Darren remember in the darkness there is always light. Your art is beautiful and inspirational. So glad it gives you some peace.